You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Today is my mother’s birthday.

My mom who offered to drive 45 minutes each way to help us pack.

My mom who once proudly wore the “Brooke Shields bushy eyebrow”.

My mom who held me close, even when I was so sick I was hallucinating, without worrying about getting sick herself. (Although she probably worried about it a little bit. Being sick with kids sucks.)

My mom who went to bat to get an AP class I really wanted to take re-instated.

My mom who was so excited to have a grandson that she can be seen stroking his newborn head in almost every photo of him the day he was born.

My mom who used to eat all the Cheetos and tell my sister a big rat did it. (To which my sister eventually, one day exclaimed “YOU’RE the rat!”)

My mom who wrote letters on my back to help me learn and calm me down.

My mom who painted clown faces on us in the bathtub.

My mom who loved me every day since before I was born.

My mom who inspires me and inspired this post a In these Small Moments. Check out what I’ve got to say about the Small Moments and how important they are.

Happy Birthday Mom.

I love you forever
I like you for always
As long as I’m living
My mommy you’ll be