Spidey Sense

This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

It happens a lot in fact.

It was just the weirdest time it’s happened.

Alex was upstairs for a nap. David decided I could get some alone time. Which included me watching Modern Family on the computer with headphones on so David could watch the Football game on the TV.

Which sounds mean, but we don’t have a DVR. So the computer’s the only way I can watch episodes I missed. Logistics, folks.

So, I’m watching computerized TV with headphones in, deafening the sounds around me, when it happens.

My body vibrates. The vibration is centralized in my sternum and extends in ripples throughout my body.

I take off my headphones and listen carefully. There is no noise besides football. David sits calmly.

I put my headphones back in and within a minute, my body vibrates again.

I look at David, hating the words about to come out of my mouth. I know they make no sense.

“I feel like Alex is awake.”

David is confused.

“Did you hear him cry? I haven’t heard anything.”

I swallow hard. Try to explain myself without sounding like a lunatic. I vibrate again.

“No, I haven’t heard him. I can’t hear him at all. I just FEEL like he is awake.”

David rises and heads up the stairs. As he ascends his steps get quicker.

I type a few last things out on the computer. I look up to see a just woken baby peering around the corner at me.

“Did you wake him when you checked on him?” I ask, anxious that my nerves caused him to get woken from his nap early.

“No,” David responds, “he was up. You were right.”

My whole body relaxes, knowing I’m not nuts – at least not for that reason.

As I said, this happens to me frequently. My spidey sense kicks in. I hear things at a frequency others can’t hear. And apparently, I feel it too.

And that folks, is why I don’t always turn on the monitor.