Spending and Saving: The Move

So, recently we did this whole moving thing? You may have heard?

It was mildly chaotic. And gave me more than a few panic attacks. But I’m glad we did it. For a multitude of reasons. For one, if that whole meningitis thing had happened while we were still in the city, it would have been an even bigger nightmare. We would have had a one year old in the hospital with a screaming, infected father until my parents arrived from the suburbs.

So, I’m glad we did it. Although, during the phase when we were in temporary housing and planning the move and trying to keep our son away from un-babyproofed outlets, I caved. I started just throwing money at problems.

We ate out, a lot. Don’t tell @kristinglas.

I hired movers for both sides, even though we had plenty of volunteers to come help us.

I began to fret.

I’m not all about the spending or the luxuries. I do not buy random crap. My motto is: I earned it, I keep it.

The reason why I have not gained more weight since college? I do not want to buy new pants. True story.

I have things to pay for after all. My sister is getting married and I want to be able to give her a great gift. My child(ren) will need to go to college. My husband and I will need to retire.

Then there are the unknowns that I keep my fist tightly wrapped around that cash for. What if my parents need assistance in their later years? What if the water heater breaks? What if there is some sort of war in the US and we need to pay someone to smuggle us out of the country?

Yes, folks, I do legitimately worry about that last one.

So, for me to be throwing money at every random problem, things must have been stressful. It’s the only way it happens. I now began to worry that we wouldn’t be able to cover our closing costs due to my rampant money throwing.

I got a cashier’s check for the closing. It was the most I could make it for and still pay our bills since no one had told me exactly how much I owed as of the day of the closing. I used their estimates, added a little and had the check cut.

My lawyer called that afternoon saying they’d gotten the final amount in. And here’s the rub: it was almost $10k less than what I had the cashier’s check made out for.

Woohoo! An unexpected savings!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! All that worrying for nothing!!

I realized what I had in my hands: free money. Money I’d already thought of as spent was now unspent. So I could spend it again and not feel guilty.

So, naturally, drunk on spending money, I went out and started buying the things we needed without regard to cost. I bought an entertainment center, a chair, a coffee table. I’d already bought a bedroom set. I bought food and cleaning products and all of the random whatnot for Alex’s party. I bought a Bears shirt. I bought and bought and bought.

Then, Tuesday night, David dropped a brick on my spending. He said “if we can save up one year’s worth of living expenses, we can have another baby. And you can stay home with the kids.”

So now, I resent the coffee table just a little bit. Especially since we haven’t picked it up yet (psssh, like I’m going to pay for delivery. It’s a freaking coffee table and I haven’t totally morphed into a new person, people.).

However, I do not resent the food. Unless the food makes me stop fitting into my pants. Because I ain’t buying new ones.