Shocking News: Ten Year Olds Have No Common Sense

I should know by now that ten year olds usually don’t have much common sense, right? I’ve been a fifth grade teacher for 11 years. But for some reason today, it got to me.

I took my homeroom class to the computer lab. I have 27 students. Four of my students were absent. Easy math here. That means I had 23 students in class today. The computer lab has 36 laptop computers. It also has four desktop computers. That’s a total of 40 available computers. Plenty for all….

The laptop computers are wireless. They can be a little wonky when all of the students try to connect to the internet at the same time. When we got down to the computer lab, I told the students to start up the computers and go to the specified site. Within a couple of minutes, Lori came up to me. “The internet won’t work,” she said. I glanced around at the other computers, hoping she would get my hint. She stared at me.

“Ok, what do you think you should do?” I asked. She stared at me some more. I looked around the room. I pointed to all of the empty computers. She turned around and looked around the room.

“Should I find a different computer?” she asked. I nodded. It was so hard for me not to add, “UH YEAH,” to the end of it, but I held my tongue. Off she went to boot up another computer.

Within seconds, Lori’s BFF and the daughter of the mom from conferences came up to me. “Um, my computer won’t work,” she said. I looked at her. “What do you think you should do?” I asked, knowing she just watched her BFF get on a new computer and there was an empty computer right next to Lori. What a coincidence!

“Find a new one?” she asked very bubbly, as she turned and went to sit next to Lori.

A couple of minutes later, however, Lori was back up next to me. “That computer doesn’t work either.” Didn’t we already go over this? This time, I pointed to the desktops behind me. “Use one of those.” And I went to help another student with a problem.

About five minutes later, I glanced up to see if Lori was doing ok. She had chosen the computer that was missing a chair. And instead of pulling a chair from one of the other computers, she was kneeling in front of the computer. On tile.

Oh Holy Hades. Seriously? I debated about saying something to her. Did I really have to tell her to GO GET A CHAIR?

The next time I glanced up, she was sitting on a chair. She must have realized that kneeling on tile for 45 minutes was eventually going to hurt.