Seth McFarlane Strikes Again

I have been mad at Family Guy for approaching two years now.

When I was pregnant my morning sickness was really hit or miss. Some days, I’d have no symptoms at all. Other days, water would make me puke.

When water is your sometimes-enemy? You really don’t know what to expect.

One particular day, I was tired. I rolled into bed at the late, late hour of 6:35.

I felt kind of pathetic about it but I was exhausted.

Then, under our bedroom door came the strains of David watching Family Guy. It was like an audible tie to the life I used to live. The life where I could stay up beyond 6:35. Being pathetic, I figured I could use a laugh. A 5-minute reintroduction to the world.

I flipped on our bedroom TV. To a scene where every member of the cast pukes repeatedly for about 3 minutes. I made it through 90 seconds of it before I found myself on my knees in front of the toilet.

A damn TV show made me puke. I cannot tell you how much that irritates me to this day.

I did learn one valuable lesson from the experience: it is not pathetic to go to bed at 6:35.

If you ignore the impulse to do so, you will be punished.