Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

Except when they are awesome.

I can tell you at least three other bloggers who normally keep their children’s name a secret but who have revealed them to me.

I keep this sacred trust. I do not reveal their names to others. I rarely use them with the moms themselves. Because I want to show them I’m just that trustworthy.

But I have a secret of my own. A secret I try to keep very close to the vest because it leads to us being judged quite regularly.

A secret I am going to entrust to you.

We don’t have cable.

There, I said it.

It’s kind of a relief. But it means whenever we have a shindig, or worse a babysitter, that we have to sort of apologize.

“Sorry, but you can’t watch ‘What Not to Wear’. We’re fine with Alex watching that but…our TV does not receive said program. Because we don’t have cable.”

And then our guests/babysitter try not to swallow their tongue(s).

Before you run fleeing from the crazy person that I am (I’ve never seen HGTV, by the way), let me say this: I am considering getting cable.

The bad news about that? I’ve been considering it for about 5 years. Or, in laymans terms, since I married my husband.

He wants the cable bad.

I have many fiscal reasons why I never cave and get cable but it really comes down to this: I’ve never had it before. I grew up in a house without cable. It chills me to the bone to think of living in a world where channel 32 now must be viewed on channel 12.

Most importantly, I know that once I cave, I will cave forever. It will always be a budget item. I will forget how to live in a world without marathon episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and VH1 countdowns.

So I hold out, stubborn and surrounded by cavemen.

But the cable companies have recently launched a new attack on me. Their weapon? Nick Jr. Animal Planet. Discovery.

This is a surprisingly effective weapon since I now have a baby. And Hannah Montana re-runs on abc one morning a week aren’t cutting it. This weapon is whittling down my resistance.

But don’t let the cable companies know.

Shhhhhh. It’s a secret.