One Big Happy

The day of my sister’s wedding, like any wedding day, was a busy one.
So busy in fact, that I let Alex stay in his pajamas until it was time to get him dressed for the ceremony. You could practically hear him yell jackpot! when he realized he could get away with things while we bustled around.

Things like stealing cookies. I’ll say this: it is a small miracle that no one’s phone ended up in the toilet. Because my little man kept deciding to take a gamble and scurry off to the stalls to see if he could make a deposit before I could catch him in my princess dress.

I was hoping he’d potty train himself while there. No such luck. I was not a winner, winner, chicken dinner on that one. But, I successfully rescued everything from his hot little hands before anything could be pitched into the bowl.

Then we went to take pictures, where Lauren laughed hysterically because she looked so awesome in her dress. How can you not laugh manically when you are the best looking bride of the century? She hadn’t gambled on her look.

Then, I kid you not, as we were taking pictures, I stopped Lauren to pull something out of her dress’ gauzy layers. We’d been driving around on golf carts and I figured a leaf had gotten caught in her dress. Oh no, I was so wrong. Instead, I found a yellow jacket. A live yellow jacket in her dress.

I did what any good big sister would do. I killed it without staining the dress, extracted it, and sent her off to take more pictures.

After we’d finished taking photos, the ceremony started. During which, of course, Alex walked down the aisle in a tuxedo onesies with a big ole’ lipstick kiss lingering on his cheek.

It’s not often you see a ring bearer almost steal the show. Lucky for her she was the best looking bride of the century or Alex may have run away with all the crowd’s attention.

Which he then probably would have tried to find a way to throw in the toilet.

The party (ahem: reception) was a wild and crazy time. Particularly after Alex went home to bed. I wasn’t really sure we’d make it out of there. It was the equivalent of Hotel California.

But, we made it out. I think.