I told Him I was Sorry….I’m a Liar

So, today I’m supposed to lie to you.

Don’t blame me. Blame Lori. I have a feeling Not-Martha wants you to start distrusting me.

Ah, so, Lori at In Pursuit of Martha Points started telling lies. The point here is to make 6 statements, only one of which is true. The rest of you have to guess which of these statements is true.

Since my sister just got back from her honeymoon, these lies will all be honeymoon themed.

1. David and I drank the resort out of mango mix with out diet consisting mainly of mango margaritas.

2. The place had a make your own nacho bar which was my favorite part of the trip. Delicious, unlimited processed cheese.

3. On our honeymoon, we missed our outgoing flight and had to wait two days for a new flight. Even though it was an airport employees fault we missed the flight, it cost us $400 to change our tickets.

4. Our first night there, we were bamboozled into buying a lot of cheap island jewelry from a guy named Carlos. I still wear it to this day.

5. The Michael Jackson impersonator was awful. He made me never want to see a resort show again.

6. I got a massage while there and desperately wished it was my mom rubbing my back instead. The woman who gave the massage had much too light a touch.

Ok, that’s 6. Start guessing folks!!!