Help Wanted: Toddler Terrors

I’d really like to be funny today but I’m too tired.

Wild Thing has been waking in the night again. Not from hunger or being over tired. From terror.

His screams pierce the night and I find myself awake on my feet, my heart pounding in my chest.

He screams the horror movie scream. He screams as though he is being chased. As though the monster lurking in the room has finally revealed itself to him.

It makes for a long night.

I cannot determine where this introduction to terror is coming from. An interruption in routine due to the wedding? Separation anxiety? The big foot I stupidly let him watch at Target?

Anyone out there have tips for how to ease this suffering? Because he is breaking my heart. Will the re-establishment of the routine do the trick or are there additional measures I need to take to ward of the night time creepies?

C’mon, now, help a brothah out.