Harass Me, Please

My in-laws were in town last week.

I’m not sure if all of you experience this but when my in-laws come from out of town we pretty much have to do whatever they want since “they don’t get to see us often”.

This led, naturally, to us having a sleepy 8 month old in the hotel bar. People were not amused. Well, except for one old guy who wanted to tell me about the entire genesis of his family. Ah, old guys.

In any case, Alex was cranky. He also had a cough. Now, he has been to the doctor for this cough. Repeatedly. They keep saying it is a series of colds. All the doctors in his practice agree on this. We have gotten a second opinion from another practice. All medical professionals are in agreement on two things: 1) he is healthy, just has the sniffles 2) he is not contagious. They say as long as he has no fever, is happy, eating and sleeping that we should stop worrying.

The fact that we should also stop calling them in strongly implied.

The thing is, when you have your baby in a bar, even a relatively unpopulated hotel bar while you are not drinking and are there against your will, people tend to judge you. I would have stood there wearing a sandwich board and ringing a bell to explain the situation if I could have. Alas, my poster board was in the car.

As it was, I had to field many disapproving glares. As well as some comments. My favorite of which was “That baby doesn’t sound like he FEELS very well.”

Ah, thank you random stranger for that input. If it weren’t for you I would have never considered that possibility. As his mother, I certainly wouldn’t consider taking him to the doctor – repeatedly – for that cough. God, if it weren’t for you, I might just forget to feed him.

We also took the little guy to his first Cubs game this weekend. I’m a Sox fan but I married a guy who bleeds Cubbie blue so this was a big deal for him. Personally, I think the Chicago rivalry is a little overrated. Perfectly honestly, I have no idea how the Cubs are doing in any given year. I pay no attention – I just assume they’re losing.

To be fair, I assume that for all Chicago sports teams. Because if they’re winning, no one will shut up about it. So, if I don’t hear anything, I assume we’re losing. In any event, we took the kid to the game. He was tired. Very tired.

I was walking him around trying to get him to fall asleep in his Bjorn when another friendly stranger strode up to me.

“I feel BAD for that BABY. It is HOT in here.” she declared while sticking her finger in my face. I looked around at the other 4 babies within ten feet of us and wondered why she hadn’t accosted their parents? Perhaps I have a “Harass Me”sign on my back that no one told me about. Lucky for me the cough had abated by this point or God know what she would have had to say about that. As it was I smiled and nodded and mumbled.

Am I the only one this happens to? I simply do not understand why anyone feels the need to constantly question my choices.

Except of course, when my in-laws have asked to meet in the hotel bar. Then, I get it.

But leave me alone about the cough.