I am not a celebrity gawker. The main reason being that in my fourteen years as a New Yorker, my brushes with the glitterati have been limited to spotting that guy who played Paulie in the Rocky series. Yeah, I’m not even going to look up his real name on IMDB because really, would you recognize it if I told you? I spotted Jeannine Garofalo coming out of Crunch Gym several years ago. Oh yeah, and once, I was annoyed by Jim Carrey who can’t seem to cut the over-the-top-aren’t-I-funny-schtick even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Until today, my friends, my celeb run-ins have been strictly B-list.*

There was that one time I was Val Kilmer’s sex slave flight attendant and served him drinks and dinner at 40,000 feet. But my flight attendant celebrity sightings don’t count. I’m talking about walking down the streets of NYC. My streets.

But today, today I was a gawker. Today, Dingo Girl and I stalked Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Dingo Girl and I rounded a corner and there was Kurt in all his rugged handsomeness and Goldie in all her Goldiness. Being a New Yorker I played it cool and acted all unimpressed while inwardly I was doing cartwheels and back flips. Note that, had I decided to show my inward glee outwardly by actually performing a cartwheel or back flip, this blog entry would be about that miracle or, more likely, my subsequent visit to the emergency room. Sorry Kurt and Goldie.

Dingo Girl was either truly unimpressed or intent on helping me to maintain my façade of normalcy by stopping to pee every five feet. Although I take my camera everywhere, I just couldn’t bring myself to snap a picture of them. They were trying to enjoy a beautiful day in the city and I was trying to maintain my masquerade as a cosmopolitan city girl. I think Dingo Girl pulled it off better than I did. But, because I’m all about pleasing you, I did find a picture someone else took of them today. Readers reader Mom, meet my friend Google Maps. Can you see Kurt and Goldie?