Fruit Circus

Well hello there. Here are two things that make me happy: colourful pants and Carmex. On a sunny day like this, they both went out for a play. These circus-tent bottoms were a bargain I snatched up at Shop Til You Drop’s Fashion Weekend earlier in the year. The Saveus boys had a stand and offered most things at 3 for $99. I know, it was an unbelievable deal that I could not resist. I bought the red skater skirt I’ve swooned over for years, a beige blazer and was stuck on the third item for a very long time. These pants caught my eye but I did not have the courage…until 2 hours later when I literally ran back to the stand.

The second thing that induces happiness is Carmex. The red and yellow little tub lived in my bag throughout uni. For four years I passed the little pot around every time someone asked for lippy. However, one day, I found suspicious little hairs in the tub, and had to part with the little pot of gold.

A previous fan of the whole Paw Paw trend, I quickly discovered that Paw Paw was not worth the hype. Sure, it was pleasing when I first applied it, but after a while my lips were more chapped and started flaking. I seriously rocked the snakeskin lip back in the days.

Carmex, on the other hand is made from top-notch ingredients and is super long-lasting. Petrolatum aids moisturisation and makes your lips water resistant (so you don’t have to worry about drinking and eating). It contains cocoa seed butter for nourishment and finally, the candelilla wax makes the product stay all day. In winter, there is literally nothing else I go to.

What’s even more exciting is that Carmex has just released a whole new spanking line of stick-form products! As much as I love the pot, the whole finger-contact thing can get a little unhygienic.

On top of the original formula, they have also introduced a new line of Moisture Plus glosses. I ADORE THESE. They seem to be the perfect mix between juicy lips and ‘urgggh, wind. Hair stuck on my lips’. I really appreciate the fact that these Moisture Plus sticks are sheer, not greasy. There’s nothing worse than losing your lipgloss to your hair, and looking like you haven’t showered in a week.