Essie Button

Estee from Essie Button is without a doubt one of my favourite YouTubers of all time. I won’t bore you with the numerous parallels I can draw between her life and mine (evidence of faithful fandom!) but I will say this – she has the ability to make the most mundane and simple things precious and interesting.

I love her freshness and complete absence of self-consciousness, she’s that best friend you can wear track pants and eat friend chicken all day with (Estee will be rocking da-clip and probably chomping on some fancy gourmet salad made by her talented boyfriend Aslan). In her videos, she is honest and can convince me to buy anything. This girl speaks my mind.

She makes it very clear that she is far from perfection – hence, not afraid to go bared-faced and reveal her true self in vlogs. The world is inundated with perfect (or perfectly put-together) females, we don’t need another aspirational model-face to show you what products are needed to look like them (when it was genetics or photoshop that did it anyway). I love Estee because she lives a simple and relatable life. Her opinions on beauty are genuine and her videos are a sort of glimpse into her life as she tries to ‘figure it out’, both in relation to beauty and life. Currently on a rollercoaster ride with her YouTube fame, she’s carved a name for herself amongst the YouTube beauty community, taking her around the world and into new adventures.

Estee made the big move from Canada to London years ago for the man she affectionately calls ‘goose’, aka Aslan. I’m not exactly sure what Aslan does for work but he is a killer cook, cacti enthusiast and fond purveyor of art and architecture. Together, Estee and Aslan are the quirkiest couple on YouTube. Watch their vlogs together and you will find a mixture of dog obsession, intelligent banter and what REAL couples do. No, they don’t take weekend trips to Paris and bathe in the love-infiltrated air whilst sipping caviar shakes at an overpriced cafe. I love watching them adventure into art galleries, devour market pastries and rap battle it out in the car. Can I be any more of a dorky fan girl?