Brain Mold

You know how you have those weeks where you feel overwhelmed and behind all week and you never really get caught up?

I’m having that week. Add to that one of the worst migraines that I’ve had in over a month. One where I had to go to bed at eight and I could actually feel my hair cuticles hurting. I’m not kidding. I could. My teeth’s roots hurt because my migraine was so bad. In other words, it was bad. Is it teeth roots? Or teeth’s roots? Or teeths’ roots? I can’t focus on that.

When I have migraines like that, the entire next day is a fog. My brain feels fuzzy. Literally. It feels as if little moldy spores are covering it. Every once in a while, my head will tinge up and my brain will freeze. It only lasts for a second. Does this happen to other people?

As I told my coworkers, ignore me today. I can’t put words together. I’m not even sure this post makes sense. My brain is moldy and frozen and fuzzy. Maybe it’ll be back to its normal-ish self tomorrow.