Back to School with Boss Lady

Boss Lady has started classes to get her MBA.

Now, I am hella proud of her and think this will lead to wonderful things.

However, she’s still my Boss Lady. I used to have a Boss Lady who was unsure of her math skillz. In fact, she was so unsure that it was mandatory that skillz have that z on it.

Let me clarify: she wasn’t BAD at math. Just not confident.

Now though? Now she sits at birthday parties discussing standard deviations with my husband.

Now she send me requests asking me to calculate the Mean, Median and Mode of sets of numbers.

Can I do it? Sure. But I remain displeased.

I do not appreciate the increase in math vocabulary that this change brings. I liked being able to set the tone of our math conversations. I could use the word average with no thought to how the Fibonacci retracement would affect the number of contacts we were cleansing.

If I wanted to, I could even make things up. I didn’t because I like my Boss Lady and also fear losing my job. But I liked believing that I could intimate that Fibonacci retracement applied to the number of contacts we were cleansing and that she wouldn’t notice that’s nonsense.

I mean, did YOU notice that was nonsense?

She probably would have noticed or, worse, asked for clarification. But, hey, it amused me thinking I could pass it off as an actual thing. I no longer have the luxury of my delusions.

Pretty soon I’m going to have two people (David + Boss Lady) blathering to me about R squared and its impact on the fluctuation of the commodities market.

I fear my brain may implode.

I have to watch it though. If I complain much more, one of them may start a blog as their math vocab outlet. Which I will then be obliged to read.