Back in Full Effect

It was a dark and stormy night when I first met Liz in real life (IRL).

Well, that’s just blatantly untrue. But it WAS dark.

And, I had a massive hangover from my sister’s bachelorette party. Where I had made mischief of one kind…and another. After putting Wild Thing to bed, my body wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed. I wanted to be where someone loved me best of all.

My body said “Oh please don’t go – you’ll fall asleep – you’ll love it so!” But my brain said, “No.”

My body roared its terrible roars and gnashed its terrible teeth and rolled its terrible eyes and….what? What are you looking at?

But my brain made me get into my private car and drive away. I drove off over a road, and in and out of lanes, and through an intersection and into the night of my very own mom-date.

Liz reached our sports-bar destination before I did. And it was packed. Because, we forgot the Bears game was on. Who can pay attention to such things when you’re going on your very first IRL blog-mom-friend-date?

So, we picked a locale across the street. We coordinated this, as we do most things, without seeing one another. I realized, while sitting in a red light and picking where to go, that somewhere in the concrete jungle around me, was Liz.

Like the dork I am, I started craning my neck around trying to find her. Because – get this – I couldn’t wait to wave to her from my car. And crinkle my nose at her.

Clearly, how could she ever regret meeting me? I’m a true gem.

She ended up on another side of the intersection. Through some intersection twists and turns, I saw her little car dart past me. I saw her little dark head with her cell phone pressed up to her ear. And knew she was talking to me.

I did not squeal.

No, I did not.

We arrived in our parking lot and parked next to each other. But before pulling into that space next to her, I briefly thought “Wait. Is that invading her privacy somehow? Should I park farther away?”

Folks, there’s not an etiquette book for meeting someone you’ve only known on the internet. Cut me some slack.

Then I thought “screw it.” And I parked next to her.

And I got out of the car. And she got out of the car.

And I was PISSED. Majorly. I cannot…what the hell?

She was dressed more comfortably than I was!!! In all my hungover glory, I had forced myself to pull on jeans and a sweater for dinner but she was wearing a hoodie!!!


I love hoodies like I love dresses, so I deeply lamented not wearing one. But, lucky for us all, I powered through and gave her a hug. Which was easy because I am a hugger and she was so inviting in all her hoodied glory.

(BTW, Boss Lady, she really is that cute in real life.)

The rest of the evening was uneventful. Like we’d spent tons of time together. WHICH WE HAVE. Just not in the same room together.

It was so natural and casual and familiar that we, um, forgot to get a picture together. Which earned us the ire of everyone we’d been telling about our meet up.

But it was still hot.