Advising Myself & Avoiding Terror

I’m about to get up on my cross.

Or my soap box. Or something. I’m not really sure how this will go yet.

Here’s the thing: I don’t read every parenting manual out there. I hesitate to tell you, I don’t even read all that many of them.

I recently saw an article on Yahoo! titled “When Kids Ask ‘Are We Rich?'”. Apparently, it advises you on how to answer the question appropriately.

Well, pardon my French, but screw that.

If I have to read an article to understand how to answer every damn question my child asks, I will never answer said questions. I believe I’m capable of answering some questions all by my lonesome.

This articles tagline says “Giving kids too much information can be a mistake”. Well, yes, but I know not to give the toddler my ATM pin. Or the amount we owe on the mortgage. Or my Social Security Number.

Or hell, HIS Social Security Number.

But, naturally, I’ll give him his father’s SSN. I’ll just tell him it’s for emergencies only. Stellar parenting right there.

I know that there are tons of great resources out there and I do use them for things. However, I find that none of those books is a one book cure all to this thing we call parenting. I don’t think there’s a single expert out there that has all the answers for every kid. Or, more specifically, for my kid. Because they’ve never MET my kid.

My greatest resources in this uphill marathon? My brain and my network of other parents. I occasionally look something up on Baby Center. Sometimes, I even call my pediatrician for their advice.

But I don’t own a slew of books. I barely cracked What to Expect When You’re Expecting a book I think should be renamed Everything that Could Ever Possibly Go Wrong While You’re Pregnant: A Way to Torture Pregnant Women.

A woman I love bought the book for me but I wasn’t up to reading it. I didn’t need to know about the possibility of subchorionic hemoraging (two words I can’t spell and am not looking up again). If I had to worry about something, my doctor would tell me. It was comforting to have it there in case of emergency but it was not for casual reading.

Yet I still had at least one person accuse me of being unprepared to be a mother because I was not terrifying myself/reading that book. Let me be clear: I was informed about my pregnancy. Just not through that book or any other that explained every possible complication.

Because when I’d read about the cord wrapping around the baby’s neck my blood pressure would rise and my breath became short. I am a cautious kind of person and I felt the best thing for my family was to not freak out over every possibility. It was better to just be, to live in the moment, to go with the flow of my pregnancy.

After that experience in terror, it was hard for me to get into book learnin’ about parenting.

But even if I were into parenting books, I still wouldn’t be reading Yahoo! articles about what to tell my son about our finances. Because, really, I need to use my own brain sometimes. Or if need be, ask a fellow parent or a doctor.

Speaking of which, running with scissors is totally ok, right?