5 Tips for guessing the lotto numbers

We seek advice from experts in the field, read studies and researches conducted for large samples of people, everywhere we look for answers to a question that grows more and more people: “How can I win the big prize in the Mega Sena lottery?” the win determines from week to week more and more players to participate, or the prizes carried forward gradually increase in value, as well as the feverish search for strategies and tactics that increase the chance of winning the big prize.

If we take into account the mathematical chances, the deterrent can be total: the chance of 1 to almost 14 million for a variant of 6 numbers played in lottery 6 of 60 to be won. However, these chances can be increased – this idea drives it more and more, providing tips and even strategies designed or taken on how to improve the chances at the big prize in the lottery. What might these strategies be? What can be done to make the balance of luck favorable? Five such tips are given below:

1. Choose the numbers each time
Don’t rely on random combinations, generated by any “Quick Pick” system; don’t pick the numbers right in the agency, extracting from the chip bowl you can find there. Instead, choose the numbers you play every time, which you consider the winner.

Each of us has one or a few numbers that have brought him good fortune over time: play those and repeat them – maybe your combination of numbers will eventually be drawn as winning.

2. Avoid consecutive numbers or the same category

Very rarely have they been seen in consecutive lottery draws in a number greater than 3. The same thing happens with the numbers belonging to the same category: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31- 40, etc.

Avoid placing tickets with such numbers, as your chances will be greatly reduced.

3. Help yourself with any available tool

There are books written by mathematicians or even winners repeatedly at the lottery games, in which various strategies are proposed. You also have – both online and offline – statistics and studies regarding the frequency of occurrence of numbers for extractions, over time.

When you choose a set of numbers to play on a ticket, help yourself with these statistics. An American player (who won 4 times the biggest prize in the same lottery) said that a strategy could be to track the numbers with the lowest frequency of occurrence, or play the numbers that were never drawn in a certain combination.

 So choose pair numbers that have been frequently drawn or tripled, or go for the one that was most rarely drawn – no matter what decision you make, once you have chosen a combination of numbers helping you with lottery tools, your chances of winning grow.

4. Don’t just limit yourself to numbers with special significance

Many people choose as numbers they place on birthdays, anniversaries, events marked by a certain number. You can increase your chances of winning and going the other way, the exact opposite: avoid choosing the winning numbers according to certain dates. This way you are no longer strictly limited to 31 numbers – if that were the case, the game would not have been called 1 out of 60.
Play all 60 numbers, in various combinations, preferably with as many variants as possible to exclude birth dates – this can also be a way to increase your chances of winning.

5. Choose the numbers after you have documented yourself

Especially online you can find updated statistics on the results of lottery draws. The tools that you find on such online platforms (eg https://resultadodamegasena.org) can help you, showing you which have been the most winning numbers over time. Thus, after the previous extraction, a top 3 with the most extracted numbers looks like this:

• 1st place: number 36 – over 180 extractions
• 2nd place: number 13 – over 175 extractions
• 3rd place: number 33 – over 170 extractions

Given these statistics, you may need to better document yourself in order to increase your chances of winning. Sometimes it is not just about luck, but also about knowledge – maybe in the lottery games this advice influences to a lesser extent, but in sports betting games this rule applies every time.

Bonus tip – don’t ignore the idea of ​​”more tickets, more chances of winning”. Even if you play in one lottery or more, the more tickets you place, the more you increase and the chance to win.